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Reviews in Greater Grand Rapids, MI

Dr. Stubbs serves facial plastic surgery, body contouring, medical spa procedures from greater Grand Rapids and Holland, MI at Signature Surgical Arts and Med Spa.

Many patients have been very pleased with their face, body and skin procedures and have let us know about their experiences.

Their stories are featured below.


“I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Stubbs as my first step. Upon my first office visit, I discussed with him my concern about my eyes. I feel very tired; my eyes are heavy, and I cannot see as well as I once did. After his examination, he recommended an upper blepharoplasty with a brow lift which would greatly improve my vision. I am very happy to say Dr. Stubbs was right! I can see SO much better! Thank you, Dr. Stubbs for changing my life!” – S.W.


“Thank you so much, Dr. Stubbs, for giving me my self-confidence back. I can now fit into clothes I haven’t worn in 15 years! You did a terrific job & have made me feel very comfortable with your knowledge & professionalism. God has blessed you with incredible talent!” – K.S.


“For all those women wondering about getting a little help to smooth those well-earned wrinkles and crow’s feet………….solution found!!! Dr. Stubbs has all the answers and solutions to your wrinkles hardships.  One visit and the difference is remarkable, not only with my lines and wrinkles but with his staff and facilities. Highly recommend him to help men and women regain their confidence and age defying doubts. He can answer all your questions, and the results will be so worthwhile. Wish I would have gone to see him years ago.” – S.T.


“I’m wearing clothes I haven’t been able to fit into for several years. The results are fantastic!” – B.B.


“You are an amazing doctor and wonderful person. I was always very comfortable talking and confiding in you. You listen, you care. I am proud of my belly button, my flat stomach, and I can’t believe how excited I am that we did the implants as well. You really helped me figure out what I wanted, and you made me feel like I was your only patient.” – J.B.


“Dr. Stubbs and his staff are very helpful. I will go back for all my treatments!” – J.A.


“Dr. Stubbs was kind and extremely genuine with myself and my child. Office staff was understanding of my situation. Great experience and highly recommend to all! Thank you!” – C.Y.


“Great service level, warm and nice staff. Dr. Stubbs was very easy to talk to.” – L.N.


“Dr. Stubbs and his staff were both very professional and very friendly. I will be going through with the procedure with Dr. Stubbs, though I had intended to shop around. His before and afters were so impressive, and he made me feel so comfortable given the nature of the appointment.” – T.H.


“I was very pleased with how Dr. Stubbs took time and explained the process, I didn’t feel rushed. He truly cares.” – G.P.

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"Amazing results!! So happy! Thank You Leslie!" - M.VH-B.
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"Dr. Jason Stubbs is great to work with and great results!" - K.T.
"I'm wearing clothes I havent been able to fit into for several years. The results are fantastic!" - B.B.